1. Think twice before storing photographs in your self storage. Photos may suffer temperature damage.
  2. Peel and stick photo albums will damage photos over time.
  3. Look for a photo album that says "acid-free".
  4. Remove anything that may bend or stain photos like paperclips or rubber bands.
  5. Label the back of photos lightly with a marker, not a pen, with names, ages, dates and location. The pressure of the pen may damage photos.
  6. Buy PVC-free plastic sleeves at a photo supply store or use plastic sandwich bags to store photos individually.
  7. Metal boxes can be used to store photos.
  8. Wood, cardboard and paper can harm photos and should be labeled "acid-free".
  9. Don't store photos where you yourself are not comfortable. i.e. extreme heat, cold, humidity, dryness.